Diabetes Care West Africa collects insulin and other vital diabetes materials and brings them to people with diabetes in West Africa.

In 2015, George Ezeani won the Thomas Fuchsberger Prize for his project.

The association's members carry out free blood sugar measurements and screenings.

What diabetes means in Togo

While in Germany people with diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes mellitus, can lead a largely normal life, people in Togo struggle for survival with the same diagnosis. The health system in Togo is underfunded. Insulin, syringe accessories, blood sugar test strips and measuring devices are only given to the few who can afford it or the lucky ones who receive it through donations.

People with diabetes


People with diabetes live in Togo

In Germany 9,510,500

Health expenditure

169.00 US$

Average health expenditure per person related to diabetes

In Germany 4,600.70 US$


74.5 %

Proportion of diabetes-related deaths among people aged 60 and under

In Germany 31.8 %

Everyone can help - including you!

There are many ways to support people with diabetes in Africa. Collect remaining diabetes material, shop with Amazon Smile, raise awareness with campaigns such as fundraising runs, encourage people living in Togo via video telephony, become a member or donate money for the dispatch of essential parcels.


Experiences and News from Togo and our association.

After getting the opportunity of testing Abbott Free Style Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) system, the patients are coming back one after the other, to give testimony and sharing their experiences with the CGM.
Tester Nr. 2. Video

One good thing with my diabetes activities, it that it exposes me to rural localities where I would never dream of going, under normal circumstances: GBOTO-KOISSIDAMÉ.

An affair of the heart

For George Ezeani, the founder of the Diabetes Care West Africa e. V., and its other team members, the commitment to people with diabetes is a calling. We not only bring essential medicines and diabetes accessories to countries like Togo, but also provide training and education about diabetes, therapy and a healthy lifestyle.