The way I am treading on my diabetes program, I guess should make me call this phase "exploration of Diabetes Milky Way" in my West African region. A friend of mine, a diabetologist, as well as the director of an ONG, considered it necessary to invite me to visit him in Parakou (after receiving on several occasions, diabetes materials like Insulin, Metformin, Teststrips/meters, etc) from me. The world is so big that names of some places would sound like "Greek to some of us. But now I know that .....PARAKOU is the "largest city in northern Benin, with an estimated population of around 206,667 people, and capital of the Borgou Department" That ....the name Parakou, is "derived from the Dendi word meaning the city of everyone". That.... it is "one of the ethnically diverse cities in Benin". That ...."administratively the commune of Parakou makes up one of Benin's 77 communes". I prepared myself, booked my flight and started the exploration on the 12.09.19. My friend Dr. Imorou takes care of not less than 4000 diabetes patients. Impoverished state of the patients notwithstanding, he was able create a functionable Diabetes Center, with helps he gets from Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. During the visit he showed me some of the centers, the patients, operational system and documentation. He was able to prove his transparency. I was so impressed that I decided on behalf of Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. to continue to assist him and his ONG, as long as we have materials. He wishes and has invited me to celebrate with him World Diabete Day 14.12.2019, just like he does every year. I am getting ready and looking forward to that. Wish you all a nice time till my next post. (Feel free to send me your comments and reactions) For more Photos visit