DIABETES CARE WEST AFRICA e.v. (DCWA ev) "Missionary Tour -February/March 2019"

My lovely people

My lovely people, I am back. I have being able to distribute most of the Insulin I stocked, to Insulin-dependent Patients. I have also chosen 3 patients to represent 3 age brackets(0 to 20, 20 to 40 and 40 above). I think I need not give extra information about them on this platform(if anyone wants to know and support them more, please let me know). The important thing is that they have gotten from me the needed Insulin to survive and/or keep them going for some time. (of course through your wonderful support). Unfortunately they cannot come to express their gratitude to you all but I am thanking you all immensely on their behalf....

Right now I have no better way to describe this Trip.
After 5 months of part-time jobbing, saving and collecting materials, I was able to buy my flight ticket and other needed materials for the trip.
On the 9th of Feb. 2019, I took off and arrived late in the evening. On the 11.02.19 , I met the German Ambassador and registered my presence in the country. Thereafter I met my partners and finalized my program and a week was devoted for it.
The real "Diabetes Missionary Tour" started thereafter. It was not in the program and was planned rather a spontaneous decision. This shows how the people in this region are in dare need of a program like this.
I got a lot of Letters from Clinics, Communities etc inviting me to extend my to them. I did my best to fulfill most of them.

1. Clinique Medicale St. Alfred Lomé/Togo. I accepted their invitation, printed a banner and conducted with the resident Doctor, a 3-day Free Diabetes Screening for all the people living in that area.

2. Centre De Santé Jah-Hyun De Hédzranawoé Lomé/Togo.
I equally honoured with due respect the invitation of the Health Center.