World Diabetes Day 2021

World Diabetes Day in Radio

Togo is a French-Speaking-Country but as a matter of fact a great number of indigenous citizens are still analphabetic and cannot write. Therefore Diabetes Care West Africa e. V.- Togo's attempt to sensitize the populace will not be complete without conducting a Radio Diabetes Sensitisation Program in language understandable by all.
We partnered with a local Clinic and aired the program, and we equally had a free public Diabetes screening in the clinic on the D-Day: 14.11.2021.

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08.11.2021: World Diabetes Day Activities continue till the D-Day: 14.11.2021
Today is the agreed date to sensitized the workers, teachers and students of "CENTER DE FORMATION PROFESSIONNELLE HOTELIERER ANCILLA".
The Directoress of the Institute has prior the screening, informed them what the screening is all about and that made the screening a very smooth one.
The end of the screening matched with their break period and we were able to shoot some group photograph.....


The World Diabetes Day 2021 finally came Today 14.11.2021 and is gone. Diabetes Care West Africa Togo has done it's best to participate actively this year. We thank those who contributed immensely to ensure that we are actively represented especially "A. P. E. P. A. S. Centre de Secours Medical St. Paul Apôtre" in Kpogan/Togo in West Africa, for inviting me (DCWA-Togo)
We will now take out time to check out how the rest of the world participated.
We wish all and sundry good health and hope to see and work with you next year.
DCWA e. V.- Togo Team


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